November 8, 2013 manager

Cleaning Tips

et us go through some of the cleaning tips that you can use to make you house and areas of your home, neat, tidy and dust-free.

Use a good quality toilet cleaner to keep it germ free and get rid of dust. and make it sure that you use it perfectly using cloth
Use some white vinegar into a tub of hot water to clean floor without trace of chemicals.
Use vinegar and bicarb to clean ceramic tiles instead of soap solution that can cause surface lose its sine.
use vinegar, salt, bicarb and some elbow grease to clean your as long as it’s not too much dirty.
Use door mates at your external door to reduce dirt and germs to maintain cleanliness of your floors.
You can use Microfiber to effortlessly cut through grease and grime and give fantastic results on stainless steel surfaces.
It is important to clean the bathroom properly after cleaning a particular appliance in that room because bathing in cleaning residue can only cause more problems.
Dust the blinds regularly with the help of an electrostatic duster. In case, you have time, make sure you do so with a moist cloth.

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